Pokémon Go updated with new Appraise feature and bug fixes

Niantic has updated Pokémon Go to version 1.5.0 for iOS . The latest version of the game has a new Appraise feature which provides Pokémon analysis by team leaders and minor fixes of Hit points (HP) for defeated Pokémon at Gyms.

The Appraise feature found in Pokémon info pages is designed to assist users in making informed decisions to keep or transfer a Pokémon and its selection for battles. The trainer of the user’s team will comment about the Pokémon’s characteristic like defense, attack or HP, and its size. Candela of team Valor, Blanche of team Mystic and Spark of team Instinct will appraise the Pokémon for their respective team members.

How it works

  • Open a Pokémon’s info page.
  • Tap the hamburger icon to get to the Appraise option.
  • On selection, the team leader will appear.
  • Tap on the dialogue bubbles to continue the advisory session.

We reckon the information given in Apprise is very helpful for trainers going in for Gym battles. By knowing the best attributes of each Pokémon, the trainer will know which Pokémon to fight with and which one to leave for defense at the Gym after winning.

Team leader’s assessment of a Pokémon’s size is helpful in deciding whether to keep and evolve it or to transfer it for candy.

The update also includes minor bug fixes which have taken care of the HP of defeated Pokémon. Now when they return to their trainer, their HP will not be 1 and they will return as fainted Pokémon to be revived with a potion or super potion.

Furthermore, in the release notes of the update, Niantic has also announced that it is working on ‘rebalancing’ Gym battles. The Apprise option is the first major addition to the game’s features, which has made the Pokémon Go experience more interactive. As announced by Niantic at Comic Con, it is the first in the planned series of new features to come like the ability to breed Pokémon and more.

Not going into the debate of whether Pokémon Go has peaked or not, we thoroughly enjoy the game because of its competitive, active and social aspects.

The recent update is available on the App Store for Free.

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