Polestar 2 EV now supports Apple CarPlay

An electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer owned by Volvo, Polestar has announced support for Apple CarPlay for Polestar 2 for owners with an iPhone.

Integrated with a vehicle’s infotainment display, the Apple CarPlay service allows iPhone users to safely stay connected while driving. They can play music, get directions, answer or make calls, send or receive messages, and much more, completely hands-free with Siri.

Furthermore, CarPlay also supports third-party apps on iPhone like quick food ordering, favorite messaging, and voice apps. And more importantly for an electric vehicle like Polestar, it supports third-party EV charging and parking apps.

Apple CarPlay

With an over-the-air update, Polestar 2 owners will get Apple CarPlay support

As per the official announcement, Polestar 2 owners will receive the update automatically over-the-air and it will also be available for installation at Polestar workshops.

The most fun part about driving a Polestar is driving it, but there’s more to it. Our latest over-the-air update for the Polestar 2 comes with Apple CarPlay, allowing Polestar owners with an iPhone to change music, use apps, and communicate through Siri or the infotainment system. 

CarPlay- Polestar 2

Recently, the tech company introduced the next-generation of CarPlay with multi-screen support within a vehicle, and integration with its fuel gauge, speedometer, heat, and other aspects on iOS 16. More information on compatible car models and features will be announced later.

In addition to CarPlay, Apple also offers a digital CarKey feature that allows owners of compatible automobiles to unlock and start through their iPhones. However, the service is only available on select BMW models and other auto-makers have not adopted it.

Reportedly, the tech giant is also developing its own passenger EV. But there has been speculation that Apple might focus on providing automobile services rather than launching an actual EV. CarPlay’s expansion and advancement support that theory.

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