The new Poparazzi app is expanding human networking by banning selfies

There is a new social media platform in town, Poparazzi app. And if you are thinking oh god not another picture-sharing app, well please don’t. The new app is changing the dynamics of social media by encouraging users to share group photos or pictures taken by friends, instead of posting individual-centered content like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and other popular social apps. Therefore, selfies are banned on the new Poparazzi app.

Currently, only available on iOS, the app is designed to promote social human networks by focusing on capturing pictures of your friends and family.

Our mission at Poparazzi is to spread empathy and connect people in the most authentic way possible. We do this by making social media less about promoting ourselves, and more about sharing moments with the people we love. People are at the heart of everything we build. We design products and experiences that bring the world closer together: one pop at a time.

Poparazzi app

The new Poparazzi app is the “Anti-Selfie Selfie Club”

The concept behind the new app is to take pressure off users to look and act perfectly in pursuit to gain a growing following. As a result, we have “a competition for attention where nobody wins. The more we scroll, the more we feel like we don’t stack up. And so the cycle continues.” Therefore, Poparazzi does not allow users to post their own photos, instead post photos of the people they were with. Here is how the Poparazzi profile is created:

  • Users take photos of their family and friends and profile and tag the person or people in the post. The shared image will automatically appear on the tagged individual profile.
  • The tagged people in the photos have the control to remove the photo from their home if they don’t like it.
  • Users can also set their accounts to private so that only people they approve of can take photos of them.
  • Users can leave reaction emojis on the shared photos.
  • There is no followers count, filters, or editing tools on the app.
  • Users can also stay connected with their friends or people they are following throughout the day by seeing their photos shared by other Poparazzis.

Poparazzi app

In a short time, the Poparazzi app has gained popularity which shows how people are looking for a platform to connect with family and friends, especially in the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic which has deprived people of physical contact.

Poparazzi is all about capturing life’s most authentic moments, instead of the staged ones. It’s about hyping up your friends, instead of competing against them. After all, life is a team sport and we’re all just hurling through space at an unimaginable speed. Let’s take the edge off.

Download the new Poparazzi app from the App Store for free. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and requires iOS 13.1 or later.

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