Porsche hints at joint projects with Apple in future

At its annual results conference, Porsche’s CEO Oliver Blume hinted at a possibility of starting joint projects with Apple in the future. Reuters reports that managers at Porsche visited the U.S. to discuss joint projects with Apple and other tech companies.

Allegedly, the Cupertino tech giant is pursuing the development of its own passenger self-driving electric vehicle (EV) which is expected to launch in the 2025 – 2027 time frame. Reportedly, Apple Car will have level 5 autonomous system to drive without any human intervention, therefore, the EV will be a shared service like carpool instead of being a single-owner vehicle.

Currently, the tech giant offers automobile services like CarPlay and digital Keys for compatible car models. And it is likely the Porsche CEO was speaking of another service rather than a new EV.

apple and porsche

Porsche and Apple might partner to develop new technologies for automobiles, possibly EVs

According to Reuters, CEO Blume said that two companies, Apple and Porsche have good working relations because of their “same wavelength”. As Porsche already offers CarPlay, it is likely the two companies will work on more joint projects in the future.

Managers at sportscar maker Porsche late last year travelled to the United States to discuss possible joint projects with iPhone maker Apple (AAPL.O)as well as with some other tech companies, Porsche’s CEO said on Friday.

“We already have Apple CarPlay, we will expand on that,” Chief Executive Oliver Blume said during a video conference on the carmaker’s annual results on Friday.

He said the Porsche and Apple traditionally cooperate closely and that they were “on the same wavelength” but added that it was too soon to make any decisions on future projects.


CarPlay service allows drivers to use their iPhones safely to make and receive calls, send text messages, get directions, play music, and more via the vehicle’s built-in entertainment and information system. And the tech giant is also working on new technologies to control more functions of an automobile through an iPhone. And maybe, CEO Blume was referring to those projects.

Apple also offers digital CarKeys and EV routing services but those are not as widely adopted by manufacturers like CarPlay. Recently, it was reported that Apple is working on new technology to control more functions of a car via iPhone like seats and armrests, temperature, fans, settings for adjusting surround-sound speakers, equalizers, tweeters, subwoofers, and the fade and balance, and much more.

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