Prisma for iOS: Transform Your Photos into Artwork

If you want your photos to portray your aesthetic sense, then Prisma is just for you. Prisma is an ingenious app for iOS, that transforms your pictures into portraits by famous painters like Picasso, patterns, and ornaments.

Transform photos in Prisma

  • To get started, you can either take a picture from the in-app camera or use any of the photos from your library.
  • After selecting an image, the app directs you to photo editing. There are only two editing options available: crop the size of the image and rotate it.

Prisma for iPhone

  • Once done with editing, you are taken to the filters section of the app. Here you have 34 filters or styles to choose from to apply to the image. The titles of the effects are very catchy, for example, red head, light summer reading, electric and more. And the effects are splendid, they completely transform the image into an artistic piece. You are allowed to set the intensity of the selected filter, ranging from 100% to 0%.

Prisma filters for iPhone

  • Your finished artwork can be shared on Instagram and Facebook. You are also given the option to save your work to your Photos app.

Prisma app

  • You might come across an ‘over capacity’ error due to users overload. This glitch prevails in the apps functionality because the each photo is uploaded to the app’s server to apply filters. We hope that Prisma lab will improve this and let the app apply filters instantaneously. Although the delay caused by filter’s application is annoying, the artistic touch the app brings to your pictures out weighs it.

Prisma error

The latest update of the app, version 2.0.1, has a newer layout, creative features, and improvements. The app is faster than before, more stylistic effects have been added, you are sent daily notifications of new styles, and you can make adjustments to the filter’s strength on the finished image before posting it. To control your account, new settings have been introduced and the functionality of Prisma on iPad and iOS 8.x devices has been improved.

Prisma is available on the App store for free. It requires iOS 8.0 and later, and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. We highly recommend it for its creative and innovative variety of styles which transform your photos into artwork.

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