Pokemon Go is now available in Germany

The Pokemon Go madness can not be contained anymore. The game was just released in Germany to kick-start its roll out in Europe. Developer Niantic has been tight handed with the release of the app in different parts of the world as its servers did not hold the capacity to facilitate the large surge of the users during initial rollout in the United States, News Zealand, and Australia. Thus, with the release of Pokemon Go in Germany, which has an approximate population of 80 million, the company is declaring that its ready to facilitate potential Pokemon Trainers around the globe.

Pokemon Go’s success in the USA has taken the mobile gaming industry by storm. Within a day of is release in the USA, Pokemon Go became the number one downloaded app in the App Store, crossing the number of active users of Tinder. The site had so many users online at a time that it started overloading the system which lead to continuous crashing and the game rollout had to be put on hold.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other websites have been taken over by pictures, videos, memes, and tweets related to Pokemon Go’s popularity. Even celebrities have not been able to resist the Pokemon Go fever.

Lead singer Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park also went live on Facebook, sharing the Pokemon Go addiction with the world.

Whoa, lots of people on this corner playing Pokemon.

Posted by Linkin Park on Tuesday, July 12, 2016

It’s not just a game, anymore, it’s an overwhelming phenomenon which is taking over the world. Since the game is not geo-blocked, many people from unsupported countries have downloaded the game by hacks such as registering in App Store as a US based user or downloading it from file sharing websites, in the case of Android. However, unauthorized downloads are not encouraged because they can lead to viruses and other issues.

Although Niantic previously scheduled Pokemon Go for a worldwide release in the first week of July, the server issues were a deterrent of the release. A problem which the company has acknowledged and is diligently working to resolve.

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