Pokemon Go is breaking the Internet

Just within 2 days of its release in the United States, Pokemon Go has stirred unprecedented internet frenzy. The mobile game was recently released for iOS in the USA (after its official launch in Australia and New Zealand) and the Americans loved the so much that the large number of daily users on the app crashed the company’s servers multiples. The Pokemon company had to pause the service during resolution of the issue and also paused the rollout of Pokemon Go in other regions due to their servers inability to support the unpredictable upsurge of users on the app.

Now you may wonder, why the hype? What is so special about this new AR mobile game that everyone wants it? The answer is simple: Pokemon Go has brought back nostalgia for a lot of users with modern touch. Pokemon Go lets you embark on a real-life adventure of catching Pokemon in your surroundings, and these adorable sneaky little creatures are everywhere: at the mall, hospital, under your bed, on the bus and etc. The game has two capturing gameplay modes, the AR world and the real world.

Thus, people are excited to discover and capture Pokemon almost anywhere and everywhere they go and do not hesitate in sharing their experiences on various social media platforms. This sharing has inherently increased the popularity and demand of the game by hundred folds.

This interactive game makes you want to get off your seat and go outside to explore your vicinity to discover Pokemon. Beside the childlike excitement Pokemon Go offers, the company claims that its active game play will help to reduce depression, obesity, and other passive leisure time issues. For whatever reason one logs-in the app, the game is surely makes people active, interactive and develops a sense of community.


The Pokemon Go addiction and craze has reached such an extreme extent that employers have posted flyers discouraging their employees to not indulge in discovering and catching Pokemon while at work.

Found this on my desk at work this morning

Pokemon Go has revolutionized how we play games on our mobile phones by combining an animated world with real-life. Have fun catching your Pokemon!

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