Pokemon Go is out now in UK

Be ready to discover Pokemon at the Thames, Buckingham Palace, Black Pool and around the UK, as Pokemon Go has been officially released in the United Kingdom. The places where you find Pokemon are just as unpredictable as England’s weather. So fasten your shoes, put your jackets on, keep you umbrella close and get outside to catch Pokemon, visit Gyms and compete in battles.

A few days ago, Pokemon Go was released in Germany, which initiated the roll out of the game in Europe. Soon, fans in other European countries will also be able to join in the real-life adventure of the Pokemon Go world.

The only obstacle in the release of the game worldwide has been the inability of its servers to accommodate the influx of users to the app. However, since the game’s release in Germany, the roll out has picked up pace. In some time, Pokemon trainers in other parts of the world, like Canada, Japan, China, India, and more, should be able to get their hands on the game too.

One can only anticipate the impact of Pokemon Go release in Japan as the country has a large fan following of Pokemon. You can measure the extent of their craze by reading up on Pokemon Air Jets which were operational between 2012 and 2014.


On July 10th, Pokemon Go was temporarily available in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taipei but taken off in some time. That temporary availability Niantic’s efforts of testing the capacity of its servers and the strength to support additional users. So let’s hope that eagerly waiting Pokemon trainers around the globe get to play the game soon.

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