Private Browsing Mode ‘Covert’ will be available for Mobile Safari Soon on Jailbroken iOS Devices [Cydia App]

Apple’s Safari for Mac and Windows was one of the first browsers to have a private surfing mode, although Google Chrome has the best implementation of it to date. Apple never put a private browsing mode in Mobile Safari, possible because an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad is intended to be a single user, personal device, hence not needing such a mode. But the truth is, iPod Touch and iPad are actually shared by family members way more than you think.

fourchpwn, a respected developer in the jailbreaking community, has shown off a quick preview of his latest Cydia Tweak called ‘Covert’, which would allow private browsing in Mobile Safari. He hasn’t mentioned whether it will be available for iPad too, but we hope it is. The tweak has been submitted to Cydia and should be available for download soon.


We’ll keep you updated.

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