Procreate Dreams app available for pre-order on the App Store

Procreate Dreams app for iPad from Savage Interactive is now available for preorder on the App Store.

Procreate Dreams, a new animation app for iPad, makes it easy to create engaging hand-drawn animations, motion graphics, and more. With its powerful tools and intuitive interface, Procreate Dreams is the perfect tool for anyone looking to create stunning animations.

Procreate Dreams preorder now available on the App Store

Procreate Dreams: The new animation app for iPad

As announced, Procreate Dreams for iPadOS will released on November 22, 2023, but it is currently available for preorder on the App Store.

It is an animation app for iPad perfect for artists and animators. It is a powerful and versatile tool that can create a wide range of animated content, from simple hand-drawn animations to complex motion graphics.


Creation tools in the Procreate Dreams app

One of the features that sets Procreate Dreams apart from other animation apps is its ease of use. The user-friendly interface is simple and intuitive, and the app is packed with helpful tutorials and documentation. This makes it easy for beginners to get started with animation and also provides experienced animators with a powerful tool to create their work.

Procreate Dreams preorder now available on the App Store

The app offers a wide range of animation tools. The app includes frame-by-frame animation, onion skinning, interpolated animation, and various brushes and effects. This gives animators the flexibility to create any type of animation they can imagine.

In addition to its animation tools, Procreate Dreams also includes a number of features that make it easy to incorporate other types of media into the animations. Users can import and export photos, videos, and audio, and they can even use Procreate Dreams to create animated GIFs.

What you can do with Procreate Dreams?

  • Create hand-drawn animations: The app’s intuitive user interface and powerful tools make it easy to create fluid and expressive animations.
  • Create motion graphics: The app’s timeline editor and variety of animation presets make it easy to create complex and visually appealing motion graphics.
  • Create explainer videos: The app’s ability to import and export photos, videos, and audio makes it easy to create informative and engaging videos.
  • Create animated films and TV shows: The app’s powerful animation tools and timeline editor make it possible to create professional-quality animations.
  • Create animated GIFs and memes: The app’s export features make it easy to share your creations with the world.
  • Create animated social media posts: The app’s ability to export videos and GIFs makes it easy to create engaging and eye-catching social media posts.
  • Create educational animations: The app’s ability to incorporate text, images, and audio makes it easy to create informative and engaging educational animations.
  • Create animated marketing materials: The app’s ability to create visually appealing and informative animations makes it a great tool for creating effective marketing materials.

If you are interested in creating exciting and professional animations, then Procreate Dreams is definitely worth checking out. Be sure to pre-order it today on the App Store so that you can start creating amazing animations as soon as it is released!

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