Reddit for iOS adds support for previews in iMessage and other new ways to share content

To make it easier for users to share its content, Reddit for iOS has introduced deeper integration with iMessage and Instagram to show previews of the posts, and improved the embed tooling for publishers. The new features are also available on the Android version of the app.

In its announcement post, the company accepted that its previous “outdated” method to share Reddit content included multiple steps which did not make it easy for users to post an intriguing conversation or post they had come across on the platform. Luckily, that has changed.

Reddit for iOS

Reddit updates the “shared link” preview for text posts and more

On the new Reddit for iOS and Android, the following new ways to share content are added:

  • Updated ‘shared link’ preview for text posts includes a visual preview of the content, subreddit name, and the total number of upvotes and comments when shared via iMessage or other messaging apps.

Reddit for iOS

  • Share content directly from Reddit to Instagram Stories without having to screenshot or download a post. 

Reddit for iOS

  • Custom ‘Share Sheet’ now features the users’ most used messaging app or social media platforms like iMessage, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and others.

Reddit for iOS

  • One-tap screenshot-sharing experience to quickly send screenshots without having to save them on the device and with a link back to the content.

Reddit for iOS

  • New toolbox for publishers to display Reddit content on their own platforms, more easily. The new easy-to-use toolbox includes features that outline the predictable height of a post or comment, display the total upvotes and comments, and prominently showcase the community the content is from. Publishers can also add a call to action to join the conversation.

The social networking company claims that its more than 57 million daily active users engage with over 100,000 active communities and contribute over 13 billion content posts/comments from around the globe. The new ways to share and link back to Reddit are a part of its commitment to empowering its global community. 

Previously, it was reported that the company might end support API for third-party apps like Twitter. In addition to its mobile and web apps, Reddit can be accessed via third-party apps like Apollo on iOS and Sync on Android which offer a native experience and remove ads for a one-time fee to remove ads which is cheaper than the app’s Premium subscription plan.

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