Reddit introduces new real-time features on iOS: voting animations, comment indicator and more

Reddit has released five new real-time features on its iOS, Android, and desktop versions which are designed to increase engagement on the platform. The new features include voting animations, a new comment indicator, reading indicators, and more. 

Reddit is a diverse and interactive social network where over 100,000 communities discuss every topic which captures their interest: personal, social, educational, political, economic, historic, and many more. And readers on the app are allowed to express their opinions, upvote or downvote comments of others, and much more. “Reddit is the place where you can dive into anything and connect with people on any topic.” And the company hopes that new features will improve Redditors’ experience on the platform. 

“They answer our question of ‘if other Redditors know other Redditors are viewing the same content, will users be more likely to contribute?’ The answer: yes. This creates a better user experience and makes Reddit a platform that is engaging with rich media and real-time capabilities.”


Reddit introduces new animations and indicators on the app to enhance users experience 

As per the announcement on Reddit, all the new features will display changes in users’ posts in real-time. Unlike before, users will not have to refresh the page to see the number of votes and comments on their posts, those stats will update in real-time. Here are all the new updates on the app:

  1. Voting animations: users will see dynamic animations to indicate an increase and decrease in votes in real-time. Reddit
  2. Comment count animation: Similar to vote animation, users will see the number of comments go up or down in real-time, just like the increase in retweets or comments on Twitter. 
  3. Typing indicators: In the comments of a post, a number will display how many people are typing in their responses on a post in real-time. The names of users will not appear, just the number of people typing. This will be a useful feature for the contributors to judge the success of their content by seeing the activity on posts, in real-time. Reddit
  4. Reading indicators: The new indicators will show the number of people reading a post at any given time. Names of the readers will not be displayed, just a total count of people engaged in reading the content. Reddit
  5. Notifications for new comments: Users will be notified of new comments while they were scrolling through a post. This will allow readers to stay up to date with current conversations. 

Previously, the Apollo for Reddit iOS app was updated with new features like Family Sharing support, custom Home Screen icons, follow users option, and more. Download the app for free from the App Store with in-app purchases. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and requires iOS 13.0 or later. 

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