Apple granted restraining order against CEO Tim Cook’s stalker, an allegedly violent Virginia woman

Apple has been granted a restraining order against a violent woman who has been stalking CEO Tim Cook for over a year. The accused Virginia woman even trespassed at Mr.Cook’s Palo Alto residence in October 2021 and was allegedly armed.

Recently, Apple published its 2022 annual proxy statement which included the breakdown of executive compensation for the top management team. The company detailed that it spent $630,630 on Tim Cook’s security and $712,488 on travel by private jet to save time and his safety. The reported incident gives context to those security threats to Mr. Cook’s life.

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Court bars Virginia woman from approaching all Apple employees, including CEO Tim Cook, and possessing a gun 

The restraining order granted by the Santa Clara County Superior Court bars the 45-years old Virginia woman, Tim Cook’s stalker, from approaching all Apple employees, entering Apple property, going to Mr.Cook’s residence, and more alarmingly, possessing a gun. 

The filing describes the woman as violent and threatening who is still in the South Bay Area. 

Apple accused the woman of “erratic, threatening, and bizarre behavior.” The company included in the application copies of photos, emails and tweets purporting to come from the woman. Apple said in the application that it believes the woman “may be armed and is still in the South Bay Area and intends to return to (Cook’s) residence or locate him otherwise in the near future.”

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According to The Mercury News report, the accused woman’s obsession surfaced on Twitter in late 2020 when she began tagging Mr.Cook in her tweets and alleged that she was his wife and mother of his twins. Over time, her messages and emails to Mr. Cook got aggressive and began demanding hundreds of millions of dollars. On October 22, 2021, she drove from Virginia to Mr. Cook’s condo in Palo Alto with a gun. 

She tweeted about the purported relationship a dozen times on Halloween 2020. Between late October and mid-November of that year, she emailed Cook some 200 times, the messages showing “a significant escalation in tone, becoming threatening and highly disturbing,” the application said. A series of missives contained photos of a snub-nosed revolver and cartridges. In an email expressing a desire for a sexual relationship with Cook, she said her patience was “almost done,” the application said.

The court has set March 29, 2022, as the date of hearing into the matter. 

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