Tim Cook takes fan feedback on Apple Music seriously and passes it to the team

Tim Cook’s office has responded to a fan’s detailed feedback on the sorry state of Apple Music, as per a long post published on Reddit. The feedback, in the form of an email, included a lot of constructive criticism from the perspective of a disappointed fan.

The user, @heyyoudvd, shared his story in a Reddit thread, outlining that his email to Tim Cook included feedback on where Apple Music falls short: technical performance, design, and missing features. He also made sure to provide his background regarding his history with Apple products and how his experience with Apple Music shows that it does not live up to Apple’s reputation for quality.

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Fan’s criticism of Apple Music gets response from Tim Cook’s office 

@heyyoudvd also shared criticism of the iOS Feedback app, and how no feedback ever gets an acknowledgment or a response, something that yours truly has also experienced.

Surprisingly, @heyyoudvd got a response from Tim Cook’s office which included an email and a voicemail. The message was from someone in Tim Cook’s office who told him that Tim Cook saw the email and forwarded it to the folks in the engineering and product design teams for Apple Music. A call was also set up, in which @heyyoudvd was able to chat with the person from Tim Cook’s office and was told that Apple has taken his email seriously and may implement some of his suggestions in the future, however, nothing was confirmed for sure due to Apple’s nature of secrecy.

Of course, as with any Apple user and fan, this was a fascinating experience and the Reddit thread clearly shows that @heyyoudvd was excited. To sum up all the feedback that he sent to Tim Cook and co, he wrote a long article on Medium and shared it with the representative from Tim Cook’s office, who then passed it along to the Apple Music team. The article is available here.

Having read the detailed article, we hope that Apple implements the feedback that was shared by @heyyoudvd. It echoes the frustrations that all of us Apple Music users share, and have been complaining about for years.

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