Luxury iPhone 13 Pro models adorned with iPhone 2G parts selling for $6,990

Russian luxury smartphone designer, Caviar has introduced new iPhone 13 Pro models in its Steve Jobs collection adorned with parts from the first-generation iPhone. Called the “iPhone 2G” the new customized iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max models are covered with titanium back casing that is engraved with the first iPhone 2G and come with a heavy price tag.

iPhone 13 Pro

The designer’s Steve Jobs collection also includes iPhone 12 Pro models in titanium casing with a piece of Mr.Jobs’ original black trutle neck embedded in the Apple logo on the back of the smartphones, starting from $6,490. And a “Jobs 1st” iPhone 12 Pro edition starting from $7, 030. 

Caviar offers new iPhone 13 Pro edition customized with iPhone 2G parts 

For consumers who have a liking for luxury items or collectibles, the new iPhone 13 Pro limited edition Steve Jobs collection is for them. Caviar’s designers have covered the iPhones’ with a titanium casing that completely conceals the rear camera bumps, and the back is engraved with the internal parts of iPhone 2G like the speaker grill, and sim card slot.

In the center of the Apple logo on the back has an embedded fragment of the original iPhone 12 motherboard. Steve Jobs’ signature is engraved on the lower part of the body. The limited-edition collection only has 19 pieces on sale. 

iPhone 13 Pro

Caviar iPhone 13 Pro – iPhone 2G collection prices 

  • 128GB – $6,990
  • 256GB- $7,300
  • 512GB – $7,680
  • 1TB – $8070 

Caviar iPhone 13 Pro Max – iPhone 2G collection prices 

  • 128GB – $7,530
  • 256GB- $7,840
  • 512GB – $8,220 
  • 1TB – $8,610 

“The true genius of our time – Steve Jobs – turned the world upside down with the creation of a unique iPhone 2G smartphone. For the first time, a powerful computer became so convenient that one could fit it in the palm and access the Internet from anywhere in the world.

In honor of this groundbreaking event in the world of high technology, Caviar artists created the unique design of the iPhone 13 Pro, combining the latest Apple model with a first-generation smartphone.” – Caviar 

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