Luxury designer Caviar offers $7,030 ‘Jobs 1st’ iPhone 12 Pro edition in titanium casing

Russian luxury designer ‘Caviar’ is known for its extravagant iPhone exclusive editions. The designer has expanded its collection with new JOBS 1st iPhone 12 Pro models retailing for a hefty $7030 price tag. The new models are dedicated to Apple’s late founder Steve Jobs, therefore, it has an alleged piece of his turtleneck, engraving of Steve Job’s signature, and a replica of Apple’s inscription of model data.

iPhone 12 Pro

Previously, Caviar introduced iPhone 12 Pro Jobs 4 collection starting from $6,490 on the 10th year anniversary of the iPhone 4 which offers iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max models in luxury gold, blackened titanium, and white version.

The main element of the model is the apple of titanium. In the center, there is, one might say, the visit card of Steve Jobs – the black roll-neck famous in its simplicity and ultimatism. The engraved inscription refers to the classic solution – the model’s name and information about it placed on the phone’s body. The lower part of the smartphone is crowned with the Steve Jobs’ autograph as a seal of quality, as a sign that the device will work for you for years and years.

The $7030 ‘Jobs 1st’ iPhone 12 Pro comes Steve Jobs turtleneck and signature

The ‘Jobs 1st’ collection has tempered titanium of two kinds: regular and blackened, with a piece of Steve Jobs’ turtleneck in the Apple logo and signature at the bottom. The body and button have anodized covering, and engraving of the unique model number. It is available for iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and for upcoming iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max in 128GB, 256GB, and 516GB storage options.

The whole world was divided into “before” and “after”, into “for” and “against” when Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone. We can confidently say that the value of his personality is so high that it is difficult to find a person who kept out of the genius Jobs’ inventions: you either love or not, there’s no in-between.

iPhone 12 Pro

However, the designer does not mention the weight of the models which is likely to be a lot more than the standard iPhone 12 Pro. Customers can order a set at with worldwide shipping.

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