Caviar launches $6,490 iPhone 12 Pro with pieces of Steve Jobs’ original turtleneck present in Apple logo

Caviar is a Russian company that has made a name for itself by making exquisite cases for Apple’s iPhones. The company announced its latest extravagant creation, an iPhone 12 Pro designed in the style of an iPhone 4.

The collection, iPhone 12 Pro Jobs 4, is dedicated to the last model personally introduced by Steve Jobs, iPhone 4, before his demise, also marking the 10th year anniversary of the iPhone 4. The collection features iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max models in luxury gold, blackened titanium, and white version.

Caviar gold iphone 12 jobs

Caviar introduces new version of iPhone 12 Pro paying homage to Steve Jobs

Caviar decided to take an interesting route in achieving this new version. The back of the iPhone features a genuine piece of Steve Jobs’ infamous turtleneck planted in the Apple logo, while the front has been left intact. The lower part of the smartphone consists of Jobs’ autograph, ‘as a sign of quality, a symbol of his time,’  along with the company’s slogan, Think different.

Steve Jobs, the founder and most successful Apple CEO, and his last personally presented iPhone 4, inspired Caviar’s designers to create the unique iPhone 12 Pro Jobs 4 White gadget.

The exclusive smartphone combines the laconic, austere design of the fourth generation of the iPhone and the innovative advanced technologies of the latest line of Apple products.

According to Caviar, the gold model is made out of 18 karat gold, and its Apple logo is crafted from 750 gold. While the white model is made out of composite G10 met with jewelry finish, and its Apple logo is made of 925 sterling silver.

The G10 case, covered with white jewelry enamel, reminiscent of the original design of the iPhone 4, is decorated with a piece of the legendary Steve Jobs turtleneck. The piece is in the center of the logo with a bitten apple of 925 silver. A part of the legendary personality and a jewelry masterpiece are in your hands!

Caviar iPhone 12 Pro jobs 4

The Russian company also sells a variety of other customized luxury iPhones made with complex designs and unusual materials. Additionally, this year Caviar is selling custom New Balance 991 sneakers limited to 30 pieces. The sneakers carry a titanium plate feature the Think different slogan and a piece of Steve Jobs’ turtleneck.

Each iPhone in the series will launch in a limited edition of 10 models. The prices start from $6,490 for the 128GB blackened titanium iPhone 12, it goes up to $10,140 for a gold and black 512GB iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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