Caviar launches $4,990 iPhone 12 Pro Stealth without cameras

The most distinguishable feature of the iPhone 12 Pro is its advanced triple-camera system that captures professional-level photos. However, some authorities or users will not like the smartphone’s camera in their facilities like high-security government departments or homes. For that specific niche, luxury Russian brand Caviar has a $4,990 iPhone 12 Pro Stealth for those individuals.

Caviar is a luxury brand whose mission is to “highlight the individual style of every person through everyday accessories by customizing and developing elite collection in limited editions.” The brand combines incredible craftsmanship with exquisite luxury materials like gold, diamonds, titanium, and more.

iPhone 12 Pro Caviar models

$4,990 iPhone 12 Pro models without a camera

Caviar is launching two custom-designed iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max models, called Stealth, without both cameras, rear and selfie. The company explains that the luxury Stealth smartphones are designed for individuals who are extra cautious about their privacy and security. The company writes:

“In the modern world, personal safety is of the utter importance. Anyone at any time can become a victim of all the so-called digital benefits of civilization. For those who want to feel safe in all situations, Caviar designers have created the iPhone 12 Pro Stealth without a camera.”

However, Face ID still works on these iPhones because it relies on the TrueDepth camera which has not been disabled.

Caviar Stealth titanium

Caviar is delivering this privacy for a handsome amount. The base model iPhone 12 Pro Stealth with 128GB storage retails for $4,990 and the higher-end Pro Max models start at $5,530. Both models use a hardened titanium black casing with vertical guilloche on the back. Customers can also get the back and the sides of the smartphones engraved.

In addition, for those who wish even more extravagance, the company offers gold plated iPhone 12 Pro models. In the Stealth Gold version, the casing is made of extra-strong gold PVD coating with the same vertical guilloche finish as the titanium models. The Stealth Gold iPhone 12 Pro models start at $5,520 and the Pro Max at $6,060.

Caviar Stealth Gold

Caviar is a luxury brand that specializes in selling expensive phones at a much higher price than the original by adorning them with precious stones, materials, and some exquisite artistry. The brand exclusively caters to those who wish to stand out.

One last thing to mention is that Caviar is only making 99 available of each model, so if you are interested in purchasing one of these phones for yourself, you can check them out here.

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