Will you buy a $7,800 iPhone 11 Pro Max?

iPhone 11 Pro Max is the high-end model of the series which costs between $1,099 and $1449 depending on the storage capacity of the device. However, buying an expensive smartphone is not enough for some, who crave luxury and exclusivity from their gadgets. Thus, smartphone custom designers like Aurum Edition sell extravagant custom made iPhone 10, iPhone 11, and iPhone 11 Pro Max models for $4000 – $7500 as “functional fashionable gadgets”.

The insane cost is justified by the craftsmanship and the use of 24 Karat gold, platinum, diamonds, and other precious stones and valuable materials to create aesthetically appealing and exclusive iPhone models. Mostly handcrafted, the backs of each smartphone are custom made to transform simple smartphones into valuable pieces of jewelry that get more expensive as they age.

iPhone 11 Pro

$7800 iPhone 11 Pro Max

Called the ‘Jungle hunting solid gold edition’, this beautifully handcrafted $7800 iPhone 11 Pro Max has a metaphorical visual concept of predator and prey relationship. Designed on the back of the smartphone, the picture of two lions, bulls and vulture is engraved in gold and silver to represent the philosophy of “you need to understand who you are at the moment of life”.

iPhone 11 Pro

Aurum Edition offers this iPhone model with hand-engraved sides in 24 karat gold and a gold foiled carbon frame with five gold bolts. A gold plated frame edges the front screen and rims of three back camera lens. The custom designer sells 256GB and 512GB variants of the existing Pro Max series, excluding the lower 64GB model.

iPhone 11 Pro

The ‘Jungle Hunting Solid Gold Edition’ is also available in both high-end iPhone 11 models at a slightly lower price:

  • iPhone 11 Pro (256GB) – $7500
  • iPhone 11 Pro (512GB) – $7600
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max (256GB) – $7700
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max (512GB) – $7800

All purchased Apple smartphones’ are shipped in a rare flagrant wood box to complete the whole luxurious experience.

iPhone 11 Pro

Apple Watch at Aurum Edition

The designer also offers custom Apple Watch Series 5 models in a variety of designs. With a variety of options to choose from; plain and engraved frames in gold or platinum, all precious metal or diamond digital crown, and valuable leather or precious metal straps.

As expensive as Aurum Edition iPhone models are, but they not the most expensive. A Russian custom designer, Caviar sells the most expensive iPhone 11 Pro Max model in the world for $137,770 called ‘Credo Christmas Star Diamond’.

Check out all the products from Aurum Edition and Caviar. Let us know in the comments what you think of these exclusive and extravagant fashionable gadgets.

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