Overdrop Weather app is a minimalistic and fully featured app for iPhone

Overdrop Weather app is finally available on the App Store for iOS and iPadOS; almost after 2 years of its debut on Google Play Store for Android devices. The app gained a lot of popularity on Android with its simple yet unique interface.

Overdrop offers an easy to use UI and features that set it apart from other existing weather apps. Overdrop offers accurate weather information from over 3 sources and has a very user-friendly interface with additional features like multi-location support, weather radars, and more.

The app offers a pro version with additional features for users as well. However, non-pro Overdrop users will get a lot of exceptional features like weather radar for temperature, wind, precipitation, and humidity with forecast for the next 96 hours. Users can also add multiple locations to the app and see separate forecast reports the whole week long.

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The app sends alerts for extreme weather conditions like storms, heavy rainfall, and high-temperature heatwave forecasts so that users can stay safe and take precautions when they go out.

iOS has certain limitations and unfortunately, only has basic widgets available for users to add to their screens. On the other hand, the Android version of the app offers more than 50 widgets. We are hoping that would change with iOS 14’s expected home screen widgets update in the future.

Overdrop weather app for ios

Overdrop Weather’s Pro Version

Overcast’s Pro version offers additional features for users who are willing to subscribe. The Pro version unlocks access to:

  • AccuWeather and Weather Bit as sources for weather information.
  • No Ads.
  • Exclusive app themes.
  • Several new app icons.

Despite having a great user interface and vivid themes, the app has room for improvement in some areas like hourly forecasts for more than 2 days, better-looking icons for widgets, and more. Apart from some minor fixes, the app is great for a simple experience with to-the-point weather information.

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Overcast differs from iOS’s native weather app in many ways by offering hourly weather radars and multi-location support. The app is available to download for free. Users can get Overdrop Weather Pro with a monthly subscription for $0.99, a yearly subscription for $2.49, or a lifetime subscription for $8.99 from the App Store.

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