iOS 14 leak reveals new wallpaper settings and home screen widgets

New iOS 14 leaks show that Apple is working on new wallpaper settings and home screen widgets for the upcoming software update.

Twitter user DongleBookPro has often shared images of internal products from Apple in the past, such as Apple’s new CarKey feature. He recently shared screenshots on Twitter which show the new wallpaper settings panel from iOS 14. The screenshots shared by DongleBookPro include categories like “Classic Stripes”, “Flowers”, and  “Earth and Moon”.

The screenshots also reveal a new “Home screen appearance” option, which is similar to watch face settings form the Apple Watch App. Enabling this feature will give users the option to define a smart dynamic wallpaper for their home screens. These will include a flat color, a blurry colour and a dark version of the current wallpaper in use.

Instead of mixing all wallpapers into one folder, dividing them by categories is much better for better organization. With this feature enabled, users will be able to scroll through different categories by looking for specific wallpapers in their designated sections.

It makes sense that users will be able to set blurred or flat version of their lock screens on their home screen. Details can often get very confusing due to regular photos in the background, which can easily be avoided by this new feature.

A new feature referred internally as “Avocado” has also been found by 9to5Mac in iOS 14 code, which suggests that the new wallpaper feature could be a part of something bigger in the works. “Avacado” will allow users to place widgets on their home screen, and move them just like they can with icons. For now, the feature is still in the works by Apple and there is no confirmation if it will be a part on iOS 14 for sure.

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