iOS 14 – All features coming to iPhone and iPad this fall

Apple’s iOS 14 update is still months away, but early leaks have given us a good idea of what to expect from it. Here is everything we know that will be part of iOS 14 features.

Due to the number of bugs that have plagued iOS 13 and iPadOS since launch, Apple is focusing on quality and performance in iOS 14. The company is using a new development process that reconstructs testing patterns to eliminate bugs by default. This allows Apple’s internal testers to focus on features that need refining. Users should also keep in mind that iOS 14 may not include all the features observed during testing and in the leaked software.

iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 – All the leaked features


Ability to change default apps

iOS 14 will allow users to set third-party applications as default apps. This way, users can change their default apps for Music, browsing, mail, etc. This change would also allow third-party music apps to work with HomePod and Siri, which is limited to Apple’s default music app at this time.

iOS 14

Fitness app

Apple is working on a new fitness apps for Apple Watch, iPhone, and Apple TV that will let users access workout and fitness videos, and walk them through various workout sessions.

iOS 14 a

Augmented Reality App

Apple is also working on a new AR app for iOS 14, codenamed “Gobi”. The app will allow users to gain more information about the world around them by using augmented reality. There is a possibility that AirTags could also work as triggers for this app.

Sleep Tracking in Health App

Apple is working on sleep tracking for Apple Watch 5/watchOS 7, and will likely add support for this new feature in iOS 14.

#ShotoniPhone in Photos app

Apple may be ready to integrate #ShotoniPhone challenges in its Photos app, allowing iPhone users to submit their photos to the challenge directly from the app. Apple regularly hosts contests for images shot on its phones, providing cash rewards to winners.

iOS14 b
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Apple Maps

Apple will be improving the metadata available for various locations, for example, more information about cinemas and the screens they have, and so on.


CarPlay will add support for custom wallpapers. It will also allow users to change wallpapers between light and dark mode, based on sunrise and sunset timings.


A new CarKey API was discovered in leaked iOS 14 builds which confirms that Apple is working on adding support to lock, unlock, or even start cars right from an iPhone. Using NFC and Bluetooth, CarKey will use open standards to work with cars. Users will also be able to share car access with friends or family, right from their iPhones, without using a physical key.

Apple is working with BMW as a launch partner, but the feature might roll out to all manufacturers, similar to how CarPlay was introduced.

“Find My” notifications

“Find My” in iOS 14 will provide alerts to authorities when someone does not arrive at a location within a provided time frame. Parents can set up alerts for their children’s arrival at their school so that when their child does not get there in that time frame, an alert would be sent.

Find My


iMessage: Mark as unread, retract messages, group chat typing status, @ tagging

Apple is testing a wide range of features for iMessage, and they are likely to be included in the upcoming iOS update.

There will be a new mention system that will let users tag contacts with their names, i.e @Rida. In busy group chats, the feature will allow push notifications for mentions if chats are muted – much like Slack and WhatsApp. There will also be updates like deleting sent messages called “Retract Messages”. After doing so, users will not be able to see the retracted text.

Furthermore, other updates like typing indicators in group chats, and marking messages as unread are also coming to iMessage.


New wallpaper features

Third-party wallpaper packs might be supported in iOS 14, which would allow developers to create wallpaper options for installation from Settings > Wallpapers. Apple will implement different categories for wallpapers as well so that users can easily sort through all available wallpapers.

As per leaks, Apple will also have some customization options available to create wallpapers based on blurry colors, gradients, flat colors, or dark versions of other wallpapers.

iOS 14 c
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List view for the home screen

Apple Watch allows users to view apps in a list and a similar feature could be coming to iOS 14. The list will allow all apps to be arranged alphabetically along with sorting options like recently used apps, or apps with unread notifications.

iOS 14 4
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Widgets on the iOS home screen

iOS 14 will support home screen widgets, which will allow widgets to be placed freely within the Home Screen, much like app icons. They will also be interactive and will provide additional functionality over the current home screen design.

iOS 14 d
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Other iOS 14 features

iCloud Keychain updates

With iOS 14, Apple is slowly moving iCloud Keychain towards a full-fledged password manager. iCloud Keychain will include warnings for users whenever their password is re-used on multiple services. It will also support generation of two-factor authentication codes to prevent the need for a two-factor authentication app. Furthermore, it will encourage users to select different passwords for logins so that if a service gets hacked, user’s other accounts remain safe.

iOS 14 8

Sound Detection for sending alerts

Apple is also working on a feature that would detect sounds like alarms, sirens, knocking, etc., which will be sent to you as alerts. These personalized alerts are useful in case you can not clearly hear or distinguish the sounds in your environment.

iOS 14 e
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HomeKit updates

Several HomeKit updates like Night Shift for lights and facial recognition for cameras are expected in iOS 14 update. Night shift for lights will adjust the color temperature of lights connected to HomeKit, whereas facial recognition will allow security cameras to distinguish between family members and strangers.

iOS 14 e

Clips – Use apps without completely downloading them

Apple is working on a project codenamed “Clips” for iOS 14, which will select content and experiences in third party applications and allow users to interact with them. The feature is designed to allow users to scan a QR code linked to the specified app and then interact with the app’s content via a floating card on the screen. Apple is currently testing this with Yelp, YouTube, OpenTable, and DoorDash.

App Store

AliPay support in Apple Pay

Another expected update is identified as AliPay support in Apple Pay. Users with AliPay who want to use Apple’s iOS integration for payment methods may be able to do so in iOS 14.

Apple Pay

Support for AirPods Studio

Apple’s leaked iOS 14 code includes traces of unseen over-the-ear headphones. There have been rumors of Apple working on these headphones called AirPods Studio for some time now. These headphones are included in the leaks, along with other glyphs for Beats, AirPods, and other Bluetooth devices.

Apple headphones

Built-in translator and Apple Pencil support for Safari

9to5Mac obtained code that showed Apple Pencil support and built-in translator for Safari. An option to enable translation feature for individual websites will be available, which will allow users to switch between the original and translated text. Reports also suggest that users will be able to use the pencil to scroll, touch, and draw in Safari.

OS Recovery

Apple’s new OS recovery feature will introduce a new way to restore an iPad, iPhone, and other devices, without having to connect it to a computer. The feature is still under development but we hope it makes it into the final release. The feature is similar to Apple’s migration tool, providing users the ability to connect their device over-the-air or by USB.

Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Apple has been reportedly working on new health features for iOS and iPadOS. The new Blood and Oxygen monitoring feature will work with Apple Watch Series 6 and monitor the user’s blood oxygen. The feature will then notify users when their oxygen level drops below a certain level.

Custom Voice Synthesizers

Apple’s new voice synthesizer feature will use a new framework called VoiceProvider and the extension will be used to replace default voice. The new feature will be important for dialects and accents that Apple does not support yet.

iOS 14 Compatible Devices and Release Date

iOS 14 and iPad OS 14 will be compatible with all devices supporting iOS 13 and iPadOS 14. It will be previewed at WWDC 2020 virtual conference in June. The software will undergo beta testing and will be publicly released alongside new iPhones and other Apple products. iOS users will reportedly also have support for Apple Pencil in Safari. However, this feature will be limited to iPadOS.

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