Tasks app for iOS combines daily reminders with Kanban boards

Earlier this month, Tasks app debuted in the App Store for iOS and iPadOS users. Tasks has a vibrant design and easy to use interface which is suitable for users who are looking to do more than just create to-do lists. The app’s variety of options to organize and keep track of projects, daily activities, appointments, and more, enables users to easily manage their daily routines.

Tasks allows users to create a list of tasks that they need to complete, either overtime or immediately. For clarity, users can organize tasks into categories and manage the information within each category’s tab such as work, family, personal, and others.

The app can also import existing reminders and checklists created on the Notes app.

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Tasks app features

Tasks allow users to perform several functions that can help make their day much more organized and managed. Here are all the features offered in the app:

  1. Organize daily tasks into active projects.
  2. Add tags to existing tasks.
  3. Add custom processing tags like ‘To-do’, ‘In Progress’, or ‘Check’.
  4. Add images and notes to tasks.
  5. Share projects with other users. Users can share their projects.
  6. Supports multiple-users.
  7. Sync with iCloud.
  8. Import existing reminders and checklists from the Notes app.
  9. Drag and Drop Support.
  10. Supports external devices like keyboard, trackpad, and mouse.
  11. Supports multiple-languages: Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and more.

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The list of features does not end there, Tasks app offers additional features which makes it stand out from other digital organizers. Tasks app supports dark mode to make list creation process easy on the eyes for iPhone and iPad users. The iPad version of the app supports multiple windows, dynamic type, and creation of organized lists by date, due-date, or other preferred ways.

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The vibrant and easy to use Tasks app can be download for free from the App Store. After two free projects, users can buy subscriptions for Tasks Plus for $9.99/ year and Tasks Plus Lifetime for $34.99. Once purchased, users can use the app on all iOS and iPadOS devices. According to the developer, an app for macOS will launch soon.

Tasks App can be downloaded from the App Store.

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