Apple is working on a classical music experience after acquiring Primephonic

Apple is hiring new team members to create a new classical music experience after its acquisition of Primephonic, as revealed by a new job listing. Apple acquired Primephonic in August 2021, after which it was announced that an individual app for classical music will be launched in 2022.

Apple Music Primephonic

Apple hires UX designer for Primephonic

As per a new job listing on Apple’s website, spotted by MacRumors, the company is hiring a UX designer that will work on the new classical music app for Primephonic. The job description covers visual, audial, and haptic experiences as areas of focus.

During the acquisition announcement, Primephonic shared that a new app will be launched in 2022 which will combine the classic interface of the service with new features that are currently available for Apple Music, including Lossless Audio and Spatial Audio.

Apple Music subscribers will receive some upgrades to get to experience the “best” features of Primephonic including “better browsing and search capabilities by composer and by repertoire, detailed displays of classical music metadata, plus new features and benefits”.

After Primephonic’s acquisition by Apple, the service was taken offline and existing subscribers were given 6-months free Apple Music subscriptions. It is unclear whether Apple will include Primephonic app and service within the current Apple Music tiers, or if it will create new subscriptions. It will also be interesting to see how Apple manages two separate apps for Apple Music and Primephonic, while providing the best experiences for both of them.

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