Review: Bausch + Lomb clens cleaning system for Apple Products

Bausch + Lomb were kind enough to contact us for a review of their new touch-screen cleaning system ( aimed primarily at Apple products ) called clens. Not only does it help you clean and shine your screens and touch-screens it gets rid of germs that get left behind.

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According to the information shared with us by Bausch + Lombs, recent studies have shown that touch-screen are great homes for flu germs. A mobile phone can host 18 times more bacteria than a flush handle in a men’s restroom. Scary, right? I’m sure this is going to scare the hell out of a lot of you!Bausch Lombs Clens Cleaning System for Apple Products (3)

How clens steps in is that it reduces up to 90 percent germs which include various kinds of bacteria, yeast and mold while at the same time preserving your screen from discoloration and other such issues thanks to it’s formula.

Package Content

The kit I received (home and office kit) ships with 6 pre-moistened wipes, a spray and a couple of microfiber clothes. While the travel package contains 20 pre-moistened wipes and 2 microfiber clothes.Bausch Lombs Clens Cleaning System for Apple Products (5)


During testing, I noticed the directions instruct to turn off the electronic device and let it cool first. It is advised to use the pre-moistened cloth first over the screen and then use the polishing cloth. Or you can use spray the clens cleaning solution on a part of the cleaning cloth, clean the screen and then wipe it with a dry part of the cleaning cloth. Both methods worked equally well during testing.Bausch Lombs Clens Cleaning System for Apple Products (1)


So the question we were seeking the answer for. Should you use clens over the microfiber cloth Apple ships? Definitely. The shine and cleanliness that clens brings isn’t possible with just a dry microfiber cloth. It’s the spray formula that does the magic.

The home and office kit we tested costs $19.95 while the travel package costs $14.95. The spray contains 2oz of solution which should be enough to last a long time if you use it carefully. Therefore, it’s highly recommended by iTD!

clens cleaning system can be bought at the online Apple Store.

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