Mivizu iPad 2 Case Review

With the iPad 2 only being a month old, accessories are still exploding for this product, especially cases.  The first case that we have the privilege of reviewing is the Mivizu iPad2 Case.  The first thing I noticed when I received these cases is the fact that the color of the case and the color of the picture on their site is a bit different.  The blue case is lighter than I thought it would be, and the green is darker.  Read on for the full review ahead!


From their site:

Luxuriate your Apple iPad 2 with our stunning new full grain leather. This must have item
provides easy mobility, consistent protection, and dazzling style. This case is extremely light and
durable — perfect for people with a fast-paced lifestyle who are always on the go. Without the
hassle of taking out and replacing your iPad 2, it gives you the ability to work straight from the


  • Slim, sturdy cover protects your iPad 2 screen as well as the back.
  • Holds the iPad 2 in place.
  • Works similar to the smart cover putting the iPad to sleep when closed and awakening when open.
  • Also works as a stand for the iPad, similar to the smart cover.
  • They are made of aniline-dyed Italian full grain leather and the cover on the inside is made of microfiber.


  • 5 colors to choose from: Black, Grey, Green, Pink, and Blue.


  • $39.95 at Mivizu




There was nothing special about the packing.  They were sent in plain black boxes.  Since there is nothing to really break with these, that seemed good enough.  However, the boxes were smashed a bit, no thanks to USPS obviously.

When pulled out, the first thing I noticed was the smell.  The smell of the leather was a bit much at first but seemed to subside eventually.


The case is made of leather. Installing the iPad was a breeze.  There is a velcro strap on the inside the opens, allows you to slip your iPad in, and then you velcro it shut again.  However, the cuts in the case did not seem to line up very well with the iPad at times.  I found myself adjusting the iPad in the case several times in order to sync it or plug in headphones.  The picture below shows how the case is starting to cover the charge/sync port of the iPad itself.

The next image shows the top and the side.  On the top, you can see the case covering almost half of the headphone jack, and the volume buttons don’t seem to be lined up.

Moving onto protection, however.  There is no doubt that this case would keep your iPad safe.  It has a nice backing on it that also provides a bit of support and some shock absorption.  The iPad itself is very well protected with this case.  See the back below.

Also with the back, however, you can see how things are not lining up.  The sync port, and headphone jack.  The camera and lock button, do seem to be lining up, however.

Now we can see that the holes are just a tad off.  However, if you try to maneuver the iPad around, they will line up with the case.  I obviously was able to do this as I had it plugged into charge, and headphones on as well.

The next nice feature of the case is that it also acts as a stand.  Anyone familiar with the Smart Cover for the iPad will know this feature.  It behaves the same and provides the same view.


The verdict here is that if you have $40 to spend on a case, then maybe wait to see if they update their cases first.  The quality was great, the materials were great, but the cuts seemed a bit rushed and were off.  There is no doubt that it will protect your precious iPad and keep it safe on your journeys.


4 stars for protection and durability of the product.  If the holes lined up, I would no doubt give this 5 stars.

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