SGP iPhone 4 Case Smooth Black Neo Hybrid Matte Series [Review]

We were sent a couple of iPhone 4 cases for review from CaseAddict a few days ago. You can read the review of  the SGP iPhone 4 Case Ultra Thin Matte Series here while this review is for the SGP Smooth Black Neo Hybrid Matte Series Case for iPhone 4. This is yet another premium quality iPhone 4 case which not only provides protection to your device but also gives it an attractive matte look without any added bulk. Read on to find out how it fares in our usage!

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  • iPhone 4 Case with High Polymer Coated Silicon Body, and Matte UV Coated Strong and Flexible Polycarbonate Frame
  • High Polymer Coated Silicon Body to Prevent Lint, Dust, and Fingerprint
  • Slim and Exact Form Fitting to Show the Perfect Shape of Your Device
  • Easy Access to All Controls and Ports
  • Extra Padded Back for Better Grip and Extra Shock Protection
  • Steinheil Ultra Crystal iPhone 4 Screen Protector Film Included
  • LED Flash diffused reflection protector included (Except Black Case)

Available Colors:

  • Smooth Black
  • Smooth White
  • Champagne Gold
  • Gun Metal
  • Satin Silver

Box Contents:

  • SGP Neo Hybrid Case ( 1 set )
  • Steinheil Ultra Crystal LCD Protector ( 1 set )
  • Microfiber Fabric ( 1 set )


  • £21.99 at CaseAddict (Premium SGP Reseller)

(We received the black review sample so it didn’t include the LED Flash diffused reflection protector.)



The packaging of SGP cases has left a good impression on the iTD team. As was the case with the Ultra Thin Matte Series case, the minimalist packaging screams high quality. You can actually tell it’s an Apple product accessory from how the contents are neatly placed in such a small package. DSC01422wtmk (Small)

The Hybrid Case consists of two parts: one is the high polymer coated silicon body in which the iPhone 4 is to be placed and the other is the matte UV coated polycarbonate frame which squeezes around the iPhone 4. This gives an added layer of protection to your device along with the silicon body. To add more value to the package, an LCD protector is included to protect your iPhone 4’s display from scratches.

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Despite two layers of protection, the Neo Hybrid case provides easy access to all the physical buttons on iPhone 4. The mute switch is left uncovered while the power and volume buttons are covered with silicon buttons from the body. The tactile response stays the same despite additional covering on the buttons which is something that can be really annoying on low-quality casings where either you have to press the buttons repeatedly or extra hard. The speaker and 30-pin connector port are left uncovered by both the silicon body and the frame so you don’t have any problem with the sound quality whatsoever.

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Installing the case can be a bit tricky for the first time if you don’t pay attention. While the silicon body is easy to use, the frame requires proper placement to get it right. Since it’s a tight frame, you have to be careful to start from the top and make sure the buttons properly go through the cutouts in the frame else you can have some issues with pressing the power button if not done correctly. This isn’t an issue though as installing isn’t something that needs to be done regularly. But if you use any iPhone 4 accessory that requires the iPhone 4 to fit in its natural form without any case, then any case can be troublesome if it requires a few steps to install.

The LCD protector is a great add on to this package for those who don’t have one installed already. It beats out having to buy one separately. Installing it also requires a bit of an effort. Just make sure no bubbles form beneath the protector.

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During testing, I’ve found the case to be quite comfortable to hold and the polycarbonate frame provides a firm grip, unlike the silicon body. You really get a sense of protection from using this case. I have just one complaint from this product, though – unlike the Ultra Think Matte Series case, the Neo Hybrid Matte Series case hides the Apple logo at the back. This might not be a deal breaker for many, but I wonder why it isn’t so on this case which actually costs more than the former.

All nitpicking aside, if you’re looking for a lightweight iPhone 4 case that provides all round protection, you can’t go wrong with the SGP Neo Hybrid Matte Series case.


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