RR Auction to open bidding on Steve Jobs memorabilia and Apple products on March 17, 2022

Boston bases RR Auction house will begin bidding on the new “The Steve Jobs Revolution: Engelbart, Atari, and Apple” collection on March 17, 2022. Forty-one Apple items on auction including first-generation iPod, Steve Jobs signed High School yearbook, photographs as a college freshman, cheque, job application, and more.

In 2021, RR Auction put jackets worn by Steve Jobs, Apple I computer, Newton MessagePad 120, manual and letter signed by Jobs, and more on auction.

Steve Jobs

First-generation iPod, Steve Jobs signed High School yearbook, check, job application, NFT and other rare items are up for auction

Starting at $200, the items for auction in the new collection include vintage Apple products and signed items by Steve Jobs. Some of the interesting items on auction are:

  • Steve Jobs signed 1971 high school yearbook
  • Steve Jobs photographs as a college freshman
  • Steve Jobs signed Atari job application and NFT 
  • Steve Jobs autograph note signed 
  • Apple stock certificate 
  • Apple II Plus jigsaw puzzle 
  • Apple produced 1978 Star Wars/ Star Trek game cassette
  • Apple first generation iPod Classic, Bob Marley special edition 

Steve Jobs

The auction house describes the new collection as the following:

RR Auction is proud to present one of our most significant themed sales to date—The Steve Jobs Revolution: Engelbart, Atari, and Apple. Through documents and objects, this small, specially curated selection traces the history of personal computers—and, specifically, the advent of Steve Jobs and Apple as chief popularizers of such products.

Offered here are prototypes and early examples of some of the most innovative technologies ever conceived, including computer mouses developed by Doug Engelbart, Pong prototypes from the collection of its creator Allan Alcorn, and a sealed first-generation iPod.

Autographic highlights chronicle the life of Steve Jobs: a handwritten poem in a high school yearbook, his job application for Atari, an ultra-rare 1976 Apple Computer check for Apple-1 parts signed by Jobs and Woz, and a signed example of Macworld #1. Two lots include NFTs, the trendy new tech that takes the next step in connecting the physical and digital worlds.

Interested collectors can make their bids on March 17, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. EDT. 

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