Vintage Apple I, Steve Jobs’ jackets and more products will go on auction in Boston, U.S.

Boston bases RR Auction house will begin bidding on the new Steve Jobs and Apple collection in August. The collection includes jackets worn by Steve Jobs, Apple I computer, Newton MessagePad 120, manual and letter signed by Jobs, and more.

Steve Jobs collection

Steve Jobs and Apple collection includes 35 rare and vintage items for collectors

RR online bidding of Steve Jobs and Apple collection will begin on August 12 till August 19, 2021. Here are the items owned or signed by the visionary Apple founder with their minimum bid amount:

  • Apple II manual signed in 1980: $2,500
  • Signed 1982 program: $1,000
  • Signed 1983 typed letter: $1,000
  • Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak signed issue of Macworld: $5,000
  • Steve Jobs and Jef Raskin signed 128K Macintosh motherboard: $5,000
  • 1985 Macintosh binder: $300
  • Steve Jobs Apple business card: $300
  • Leather bomber jacket: $2,500
  • Signed NeXTSTEP software: $30,000
  • NeXT Wingz world tour jacket: $200

Other vintage Apple products include the following:

  • Apple I computer: $50,000
  • Mits Altair 8800 computer: $3,000
  • Lisa computer: $10, 000
  • Apple II computer, monitor, and peripherals: $1,000
  • Apple IIc prototypes 1983: $200
  • Newton MessagePad 120: $400
  • Three-button ‘X-Y’ mouses: $2,500
  • Apple II floppy disk drive: $600
  • Basic program tape cassettes: $200

The most interesting item is the working Apple I computer from the personal collection of Roger Wagner.

Important operational ‘Byte Shop’ Apple-1 computer (also commonly known as the Apple I, or Apple Computer 1), complete with all components and accessories required for operation. This Apple-1 was one of the first to be publicly auctioned, sold in April 2002 at the Vintage Computer Festival in California. It was purchased by Roger Wagner, a personal computing pioneer who authored the first book on assembly-language programming for the Apple II. He is a longtime friend of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who said: ‘Roger Wagner didn’t just read the first book on programming the Apple computer—he wrote it.’

The auction of the Steve Jobs and Apple collection will open worldwide on August 12 at 7:00 p.m at

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