Rumor says iPhone 4G to get Adobe Flash support and much more


It looks like we are in for an iPhone 4G rumor week. A day before Yesterday, there was a rumor that suggested iPhone 4G will be getting a new and a slightly larger Sim card tray. Well, the latest rumor is bigger than the Sim card tray one. Apparently, we have got our hands on the iPhone 4G specifications. iPhone 4G will be getting Flash as pointed by the rumored specifications. Complete specifications are provided below

iPhone 4G rumored specifications

This is what iPhone 4G is expected to bring with reference to the rumor

  • Aesthetically, iPhone 4G will look similar to iPhone 3GS. However it will be 10% thinner than iPhone 3GS.
  • Improved Battery life
  • Revamped iPhone OS
  • Improved and OptimizedPush support
  • Flash,provided Adobe can complete in time
  • Tougher anti-jailbreaking measures
  • SIM card tray
  • iPhone 4G will be launched in U.S only (Initially it will be limited to US, however it is expected that it will eventually go global hopefully)
  • iPhone 4G will be officially released in the midpart of 2010.

One more interesting thing to note is the possibility of an Apple-Verizon partnership. This claim gets stronger when you consider the statement made by Verizon’s CEO regarding a potential Apple-Verizon partnership.

We obviously would be interested at any point in the future that they would be interested in having us as a partner. … This is a decision that is exclusively in Apple’s court

From this statement it is clear, Verizon is in the affirmative, it is just waiting for a positive reply from Apple.



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  2. Bros iphone 4g is not coming out i work at apple i asked the apple ceo and he said they wont be coming at anytime soon so dont say that iphone 4g is coming out .

  3. i work for apple too and i asked them wuz up and they said it gonna be a iphone nano that’s so small you will need a microscope to see it and it will be 5g and have 12 trillion tera bytes of space and will be really really fast like a cockroach being chased down hill.

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