Run Windows on your Jailbroken iOS Device

Why did you Jailbreak your device? To change your theme or add functionality to iOS? I’ll bet the first thing to come to your mind when jailbreaking your device was that you could run Windows on it. Cydia provides all sorts of apps to choose from; games, tweaks, themes, etc. There is a new kid on the block however, iWindows.

Run Windows on your Jailbroken iOS Device

If you ever thought of a reason to run Windows on your iOS device, then this new app is just for you. This basic simulator turns your iOS device into a virtual version of Windows 7. This is not a theme or a skin, but it is a full blown application. When you launch the app, you are brought to a Windows desktop. It includes a limited version of the Chrome browser and a limited version of Notepad.

Those are currently the only functions available in the app but the Developer is promising to quickly bring more features to the app. iWindows is available in Cydia and is a free download. So why not give it a try?

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