Here are useful new Safari extensions for iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

The new Safari browser in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 now supports web extensions that can help users improve their web browsing experience through add-ones like ads blocker, text translators, bookmark services, and more. We have listed some of the best Safari extensions available for iPhone and iPad users.

Safari extensions

Safari extensions compatible with iOS 15 and iPadOS 15


The updated 1Password password manager now features a new Safari extension. Users can quickly and securely sign in to their websites using their single password on iPhone and iPad.

We’re excited to introduce our desktop-class Safari extension for 1Password members using the latest version of iOS and iPadOS! Everything you love from 1Password in the browser is here, including suggestions directly in the page, its AI-powered filling brain with automatic filling across multiple pages, integration with third-party services, and the popover to access all of your items.

Safari Extensions


Vidimote Safari extension allows users to controls their videos directly from the toolbar. Users can play, pause, speed up the videos by 2x, jump ahead, and more.

Safari Extensions


The all-in-one Hyberweb extension for Safari on iOS and iPadOS improves browsing experience by automatically suggestings search enhancements, blocking ads, cookie notices, and pop-ups, and more.

Safari Extensions


Achoo, an HTML web viewer and inspector, allows users to easily see the HTML for the webpage they are viewing in Safari. Users can also share the HTML to inspect it on an external device and edit the font or contents of the webpage (the changes are not permanent).

Safari Extensions


With support for over 3,000 cards from 600 different banks, CardPointers manages users’ credit card activity and awards. The new CardPointers Safari extension informs the user of various deals on different shopping websites and it also suggests which card to use for the best deal when shopping on the browser.

Safari Extensions


StopTheMadness Safari extension offers features that are usually blocked by websites like command-click and middle-click to open a link in a new tab, command-key keyboard shortcuts, opening contextual menus, selecting, copying, cutting, pasting text, and more.


The app is designed to search for cheap flight deals and mistake fares, Cheep Safari extension for Google offers the following features:

  • Comes with a mobile browser extension that advises you on Google and Google Flights the cost per mile, the distance in miles, and if you should book the flight
  • Personalize what airline alliance you want to see
  • Personalize what minimum fare rating you want to see
  • Surfaces the average fare value for any flight deal
  • Displays the percentage off the average fare
  • Get inspired with new Instagram and TikTok influencers

Safari Extensions

Web Inspector

Web Inspector allows users to retrieve and share HTML tags, CSS, and more directly from their iPhone and iPad. The new extension for Safari lets users inspect webpages, \ network requests, edit page elements, and more.

Safari Extensions


Amplosion “automagically redirects AMP pages/links to their normal counterparts within Safari using an easy and elegant Safari extension.”

Activating it is super simple with just a few taps in the Settings app (full walkthrough in-app), and then you’re good to go. Amplosion will automatically redirect AMP links you encounter, and you can even permit certain websites to continue to display AMP by adding them to the Allowlist. Amplosion shows how many times it has activated with a beautiful flip counter at the top of the app so you can see how many times it’s saved the day. There’s also a myriad of beautiful app icons to choose from.

Safari Extensions

Language Translator by Mate

Language translator app Mate from Gikken can translate websites into over 100 languages automatically. It features the highest accuracy translations, perfect pronunciations, cross-platform sync, and more.

Safari Extensions

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