Safari is getting an option to view specific websites in dark mode

As per the latest WebKit code on GitHub, Safari will soon be getting a feature that will allow specific websites to be viewed in dark mode. The code also shows that Safari will allow enabling or disabling modal pop-ups for specific websites, as well as a new API to manage “Cookie Consent” which often appears on websites as a permission to collect information via cookies.

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Future Safari WebKit features found in GitHub 

Safari has already supported dark mode since iOS 13 on iPhone and iPad and also allowed developers to detect the system mode and display their website colors accordingly. As found by 9to5Mac, with the new update found in WebKit code on GitHub, users will be able to set a new option for “overriding the system color-scheme with a per-website preference.”

This likely means that users will be able to change the theme of the website independent of the system theme that they are using on iOS, iPadOS, or macOS. While many websites that offer a dark mode or light mode also have custom toggles, others do not, and it would be helpful in such cases.

Future Safari updates will also support allowing or blocking modal pop-ups, that look like system alerts, for specific websites. Another new API called “Cookie Consent” is also being developed which should allow Safari to manage website permissions for cookie collection.

Previously, we covered how iOS 15.4 beta revealed new additions to Safari browser which include web notifications, PWA improvements, WebXR support, media and WebRTC additions, web performance improvements, and more.

As these features are still a work in progress, it is unclear whether they will release with iOS 15.4 final version or iOS 16.

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