Samsung wants people to not buy new iPhone 14 and “join the flip side”

Instead of buying the new iPhone 14, Samsung wants iPhone users to “join the flip side”. In a new troll ad, the South Korean manufacturer takes a jab at iPhone 14 same industrial flat edge-to-edge design as the previous iPhone 13 series and promotes the “visually unique” Galaxy Z Flip4.

iPhone 14

The cold war between Samsung and Apple has been going on for years. Although Apple has never directly dragged Samsung’s smartphones, its South Korean rival has never missed an opportunity to do so.

Recently, before the launch of the iPhone 14, Samsung released the “Buckle Up” ad warning consumers that the new iPhone 14 would not offer the innovative foldable design of the Galaxy Z Flip4 and the camera quality of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Samsung hit at iPhone 14

Samsung says the foldable Galaxy Z Flip4 is a better choice than iPhone 14

Featuring a purple Flip4, the new ad showcases the impact of the smartphone’s fold design which is “great for group shots” on iPhone users who resist the urge to switch but eventually cave in.

After being introduced to Flip4 during a brief meeting with her friend in a park, Elena finds herself thinking of the phone’s design which stands up by its and all the foldable objects remind her of it. Over the next few days, she is seen convincing herself that she loves “buying the same phone over and over again. See I love my phone.” In the end, Elena gives into her feelings and orders Flip4.

“Sometimes, when you see something new, exciting and visually unique you’ll start looking for it everywhere… no matter how hard you try to forget about it.”

As a consumer, it is just a matter of preference at this point. By no means Flip4 is a bad smartphone and neither is the new iPhone 14. I did not like the Flip4 because its size feels uncomfortable for me and the display over the hinge is wobbly. Having said that, I do like the foldable design but it is not enough for me to switch from my iPhone 13 Pro Max, at least not yet.

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