Apple debuts new watch bands for Apple Watch Ultra, Series 8 and new SE

Apple unveiled a ton of new hardware during its September ‘Far Out’ event. The tech giant also announced the arrival of the new models of the Apple Watch and iPhone, additionally, the company announced a new line of accessories to go with the new hardware.

Apple has introduced three bands designed for the Apple Watch Ultra, namely, Alpine LoopTrail Loop, and Ocean Band. All of these bands are designed to withstand harsh environments and are built to meet the needs of demanding athletes and outdoor hobbyists.

Apple Watch Ultra watch bands

New watch bands announced for Apple Watch Ultra

The Alpine Loop costs $99 and is made up of two textile layers woven together into one continuous piece, and is available in Orange, Starlight, and Green. Trail Loop costs the same which is $99 and is available in Yellow/Beige, Blue/Gray, and Black/Gray. These bands are made up of soft nylon weave with a pull tab for quick adjustments.

The Ocean Band is available in Yellow, White, and Midnight, and is available for $99. This band is molded in a high-performance elastomer with tubular geometry allowing it to stretch to a perfect fit, even over a wetsuit.

The next group of bands introduce new colors for band styles that have been seen over the past few years.

First off is the Solo Loop which starts at $49, and is available in Succulent, Midnight, Starlight, Sunglow, and Storm Blue. Next off, the Braided Solo Loop is met with a new variety of colors like Rainforest, Red, Being, Slate Blue, and Midnight.

Apple Watch Ultra

As for the classics, the Sport Band and Sport Loop are both available for $49. The Sport Band is available in Elberberry, Slate Blue, Succulent, Red, Starlight, Midnight, and White. The Sport Loop has also gained new extravagant colors like Starlight, Elderberry, Red, Starlight, and Midnight colors.

For the Hermes models, the new Jumping Single Tour is listed for $319 and is available in Rose Texas/Rouge Piment, and Rouge Sellier/Bleu Saphir. The Diagonal Single Tour is available for $499 and arrives in Cuivre, Bleu De France, Gold, and Gris Meyer. The regular Single Tour is listed for $399, and comes in Orange, Navy, Vert Rousseau, Rose Texas, and Noir.

The Attelage Double Tour is available for $489 and can be found in Vert Rousseau, Beton, and Rose Texas. As for the Metal Double Tour, it is listed for $849, the same price as the non-metal version.

According to Apple, the bands are compatible with 44mm and 45mm case sizes of the previous generation of Apple Watch models. You can check out the full list of bands on Apple’s website.

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