Samsung mocks iPhone’s non-fold design and walled ecosystem in a new ad, yet again

Samsung has released a new “On the Fence” ad that mocks iPhone users waiting for the foldable design and “epic” cameras to come to their side in their “walled garden”.

Samsung - iPhone ad

To promote its own smartphones, Samsung has been releasing a series of advertisements that take a dig at iPhones’ years-old design and camera systems. So far, it has released at least three ads directly targeting Apple iPhone.

  1. “Buckle Up”, released before the iPhone 14 series was announced, told the consumers that the latest iPhone 14 series will lack innovation like the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s high-quality camera and Galaxy Z Flip 4’s foldable model.
  2. “Join the flip side” touted the foldable design of Galaxy Z Flip 4 to convince iPhone users to switch over sides.
  3. Its Twitter campaign included 3 six seconds trolling videos, “What the Flip, Apple?” and “What’s the hold on the Fold, Apple?” displayed counters of days of how long before Apple, Samsung introduced the foldable design and “Slow clap” clip trolled that iPhone 14 launch event with  Z Flip 4 users clapping with their phones.

Samsung’s new “On the Fence” ad trolls iPhone loyalists for not switching to its side

The new ad uploaded on the Samsung US YouTube channel shows a group of Apple users sitting in an Apple-Store-like space with a huge fence and a gloomy and isolated atmosphere, quietly, when an energetic and inquisitive user (potential switcher) jumps on the fence to see what’s on the Samsung’s side.

But he is asked to come down from the fence by iPhone loyalty because as an Apple user “he can’t sit on the fence”. Clearly impressed by the Samsung side, the inquisitive user refuses to come down and says that the other side has foldable phones and “epic” cameras.

Samsung - iPhone ad

And when the iPhone loyalist argues that he shouldn’t leave because they were waiting for all of that to come to their side, the inquisitive switcher says why should he wait when everything is already available on the other side. The ad ends with other iPhone loyalties assuring each other that “we wait”.

Apple’s South Korean rival is convinced that its foldable design, superior camera system, and open ecosystem push iPhone users to switch to Samsung smartphones. But stats tell a different story.

In Q4, 2022, iPhone saw a $42.6 billion record revenue with 10% growth and Apple CEO Tim Cook shared that its active install base for iPhone reached a new all-time high in the quarter.

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