Screenshots of Microsoft Office 11 for Mac

BoyGeniusReport have posted the screen shots of Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac. The screenshots show that this version of Office for Mac surely has a better looking interface then the previous ones.

The screenshots show Word, PowerPoint, Calendar, Notes and the whole new look of Outlook for Mac. In previous versions of Office for Mac, Entourage was the e-mail client and personal information manager. Now Microsoft has correctly broken down the functionalities of Entourage and replaced if with Outlook for email and PIM functionality.

The screen shots also show how the ribbon UI, which was first brought to the PC in Office 2007, would be implemented on the Mac. So the new user interface in Office 2011 looks more of Apple’s UI standards than the previous ones but still it is different from Apple’s own iWork apps which have the standard Mac OS X toolbar in it.

Check out the screenshots of Office 11:

Mac-office-addressbook Mac-office-calendar Mac-office-notes

[via AppleInsider]

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