SBRotator: Rotate SpringBoard to all 4 orientations (for jailbroken iPhones)

Here’s a really handy little app which has just been made available on Cydia, SBRotator (we had covered it before as well). Its function is simple, it rearranges your icons on your iPhone’s home screen in orientation to which you are holding your phone, just like on the iPad.


The apps allows you to rotate icons on your home screen to all four orientations. There are some issues with it since it’s a first ever release, but the developer has promised that he would work them out as soon as possible. Check out the video for a demo of SBRotator.

It is compatible with others jailbreak apps such as:

  • Iconoclasm
  • FCSB
  • Five icon Dock
  • Infinidock
  • Infiniboard
  • Overboard
  • Shrink
  • But not working with Stacks.

It’s available now from the BigBoss repository on Cydia for $1.99

You’ll need a jailbroken iPhone to use this tweak, check out our helpful jailbreak guides.


  1. Have just got it for iTouch 1st Gen and is working well but not as well as that though. Really good though

  2. Have just got it for iTouch 1st Gen and is working well but not as well as that though. Really good though

  3. I have a new iPhone 4 with iOS4, I have purchased and downloaded SBRotator with some disappointing results. The phone will glitch out very often using SBRotator, if you are in landscape mode, when you exit an app your wallpaper is always cropped incorrectly (stretch does not work correctly) and your dock icons are stuck in the middle of the screen, blocking other icons.

    The only way to resolve these issues is to flip the phone multiple times for the SBRotator to readjust, which is VERY annoying. This can also occasionally jumble your icons or lock you between pages on your home screen. On many occasions I have only been able to see half my icons because the page is cut off. The only way to fix it is a hard reset holding down the home button and the top button for 5ish seconds.

    On iOS4, SBRotator is far from being able to use your phone entirely in landscape mode (with the exception of apps that only work vertically). The lock screen does not adjust nor is there an option for it. Locking the phone in landscape mode will sometimes cripple you, because in order to fix many of the issues you must flip your phone, and when it is locked, this does not occur. (Obviously)

    The scaling and spacing do not work for the iOS4 version (yet, hopefully) and this is a vital part of the customization that was expected. And last but not least the folders are very far from polished, the wallpaper will split in a very odd fashion and the folder goes off the screen. If you have a folder with anything more than 4 icons, it will cut them off the screen, making it impossible to reach the apps unless you flip your phone back to vertical mode.

    Again, this app is FAR from polished for the iOS4, if you plan on using it please expect these glitches to get very annoying.

    I showed SBRotator to a friend of mine who has a 3GS and it looks to work very nicely. Though the dock apps in the middle of the screen (when exiting apps) is still an issue for us both, his iPhone looks and feels very much like a landscape device.

    I also want to say that I have been waiting for a tweak like this for quite some time. The goal behind it is to allow those who want the iPhone to be landscape to do so. But at the same time I think that many people, like me, would like the entire phone to conform to landscape as well.

    I hope the developer of SBRotator reads this and makes these necessary fixes to the iOS4 version. =)

    Please make these changes so that we can have landscape iPhones (permanently, without glitching), we have all been waiting so long, and we are counting on you to make it possible! <3

    Thanks for reading this post!

    Sincerely Yours,


  4. Well, I bought this app, hoping for the results I see above. Instead, I’ve gotten no results. The app doesn’t do anything. I have the orientation set to:

    Enable Rotation (ON), Landscape Rotation (ON), Portrait Rotation (ON), i-Pad Style Layout (Disabled), Icon Scale (100%), Dock Icon Scale (Same as Icons), Hide Labels (Off), Startup Orientation (Landscape Left), All App Rotations are ON, SESettings Window Rotation (ON).

    I am running on a 3GS on iOS 4.0. The app is SBRotator4 v1.0. Thus far, I sent out email through Cydia, and have not heard from the developer.

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