Springboard rotation tweak coming soon for jailbroken iPhones

One thing that has always been missing ( which I realized after using Android ), you can’t use the iPhone Springboard (homescreen) in landscape mode. Currently known as Springboard Rotator, this tweak will soon be available on Cydia for jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch users. No word on the pricing yet, but the developer has provided a video to show how it will work.

Sadly, this tweak will be available for the iPhone 3G S initially, we’re not sure if the developer will make it available for other iDevices.

This add-on enables SpringBoard to rotate according to the device’s orientation! It does not rotate only the icons, it rotates the whole user interface!
Switches Landscape-portrait view , rotates SpringBoard in all 4 orientations according to where iPhone is tilted to, like many applications do.
It requires a 3GS for now.
It will soon be ready to be released.

We will let you know when Springboard Rotator is available on Cydia.

[via iPhoneHeat]

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