Zune HD v4.5 update on the horizon with new features; also brings Windows Phone 7 Series like Marketplace to the big screen

Zune HD’s firmware version 4.5 update was last unveiled at CES and ever since there hasn’t any word on it. It’s about to be released soon and it sure packs a handsome amount of features like Smart DJ and support for new Codecs.

The update comes with the Smart DJ mix feature which we have seen on the Zune’s software on the PC, adds support for newer codecs which enables the Zune HD to play various other file formats (We have no word yet which codecs are being supported in this update) and last but not the least; the ability to access the Marketplace whilst the Zune HD is connected via AV Dock Connection. The Marketplace UI reminds us of the Marketplace hub in Windows Phone 7 Series.

zune hd smart dj rm eng

We can expect the release of this update to be out in a few weeks, no specific date has been given yet.


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