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Wikipedia is one of the biggest website on the internet where you can find everything you need to know about any specific topic you can think of. Ever thought of a way with which you can search Wikipedia with just a single click?

Well, there certainly is a tool, Wikipedia Companion, which allows you to search Wikipedia with just one click in Google Chrome. First of all, download and install the extension.

Once the installation is complete, a small Wikipedia icon will appear in your Google Chrome toolbar.

Click on the icon and it will open Wikipedia page in Google Chrome where you can perform the search about a specific topic. The extension is simply amazing and searches about the topic within a fraction of a second.

The extension comes with multilingual support and you can select your primary and secondary language in which the results will be displayed.

Other great features of Wikipedia Companion are:

  • Instant popup; No delay, no unneeded loading from Wikipedia with our cache!
  • Key focus: type the moment you open it!- Access to your recent wiki lookups across any tabs and pages!
  • Back/forward button; Like a mini wiki browser!
  • History can be cleared now
  • Ability to open Wikipedia lookup in a new tab!
  • Multi-lingual Wikipedia support.
  • Option to open featured article on startup

Download Wikipedia Companion Extension For Google Chrome

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