Android 2.1 Update Announced for US phones

Android is becoming a popular OS for mobile phones these days and many new phones have been announced which will run the latest Android 2.1 but the release date of those mobile phones is not yet confirmed and many people are eager to update there phones to the latest OS. Right now, only Google Nexus One and few other handsets are running Android 2.1 and majority of phones are running the outdated version android

Recently, a new blog post by AndroidAndMe said that the new Android 2.1 update will be coming to All US mobile phones. Taylor Wimberly from Androidandme said:

“After talking with several inside sources familiar with the matter, I would like to report that every Android phone currently released in the United States will be receiving an upgrade to Android 2.1.”

Some of them will be able to update while some will require a complete install from scratch if they want to use Android 2.1 update. Right now, there is no news whether the update will be over the air or through a tethered PC-Client. Most Android 2.1 updates are scheduled to be out by Q2 April. Some of the android based phone will be able to upgrade to Android 2.1 but they could be missing certain features that are  currently present in Google Nexus one like Live Wallpapers but they will have an Android 2.1 firmware for sure.

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