Seesmic Twitter app for Windows Phone 7 looks Amazing in Demo Video

Since the past few days, everybody is just curious to know that what apps will be available with the launch of the Windows Phone 7 next month. On Wednesday, Microsoft showed demos of some popular apps that will launch with Windows Phone 7 with included Netflix, Flixster, Travelocity and the most wanted, a Twitter app. They also demonstrated how users would be able to see their YouTube videos. Seesmic has also posted a preview of their Twitter app for Windows Phone 7.

Seesmic twitter app for windows phone 7

The preview video of Seesmic twitter app for Windows Phone 7 really looks amazing and the UI of the app looks way better than the UI shown before of the Twitter app for Windows Phone 7 by Microsoft. The look and feel of the app matches both Windows Phone 7 and also with other Twitter apps by Seesmic. The video highlights some of its special features like its Dashboard, Search and Spaces.

Seesmic had recently launched Seesmic Desktop 2 as well.

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