Setapp: A new app marketplace arrives on iPhones (EU only…for now)

Setapp is poised to be one of the first alternative app marketplaces available on iPhones in the European Union. This is due to a recent change in Apple’s practices, prompted by the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA).

Launched in 2016, Setapp quickly gained popularity among Mac enthusiasts, offering a convenient way to discover and access a diverse range of applications without the hassle of individual purchases or subscriptions.


Setapp’s Mobile will function similarly to its Mac counterpart

Building on its success in the Mac ecosystem, Setapp is now venturing into the highly competitive world of iOS apps. With its upcoming launch as one of the first alternative app marketplaces for iPhones in the EU, Setapp aims to provide users with a broader selection of apps beyond what’s available on the official App Store.


What this means for users

For iPhone users can explore a wider variety of apps tailored to their needs and preferences. the app promises to offer a diverse range of options to enhance the iPhone experience.

Moreover, Setapp’s subscription model ensures that users can access all included apps for a single monthly fee, eliminating the need for multiple individual purchases or subscriptions. This streamlined approach not only simplifies app discovery but also offers excellent value for money.

Opportunities for developers

Setapp’s expansion also presents significant opportunities for app developers. By joining its platform, developers gain access to a new distribution channel to showcase their apps to a broader audience.

This increased visibility can help developers reach users who may not frequent the official App Store, thereby expanding their user base and potentially increasing revenue.

Furthermore, Setapp offers developers a fair and transparent revenue-sharing model, providing them with a predictable source of income based on the number of subscribers who use their apps. This incentivizes developers to create high-quality apps and fosters a collaborative ecosystem focused on innovation and user satisfaction.

With its curated selection of apps, user-friendly subscription model, and opportunities for developers, Setapp promises to offer a compelling alternative to the traditional App Store experience.

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