Spotify, Epic Games join coalition demanding Apple uphold DMA rules of EU

A coalition of tech giants and industry associations, including Spotify, Epic Games, and numerous others, have raised concerns over Apple’s compliance with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in the European Union.

The DMA, set to take effect on March 7, aims to promote fair competition and curb anti-competitive behavior among Big Tech companies. However, Apple’s proposed measures have sparked controversy and opposition from developers, prompting calls for decisive action from the European Commission.

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Coalition accuses Apple of undermining DMA with “false choices”

Apple’s proposed scheme for compliance with the DMA has come under fire from developers and industry players. The joint letter sent to the European Commission highlights several key issues with Apple’s plan, including the Core Technology Fee, the Notarization process, and the terms imposed on developers. Critics argue that Apple’s changes fail to meet the requirements of the DMA and could further entrench its dominance over digital markets.

One major point of contention is Apple’s requirement for developers to choose between accepting the new terms or remaining on the existing ones, both of which are deemed non-compliant with the DMA. Additionally, developers are concerned about the introduction of new fees, such as the Core Technology Fee, which they believe will deter competition and innovation in the app ecosystem.


The letter also raises concerns about Apple’s use of “scare screens” and restrictions on sideloading and alternative app stores, which could limit user choice and degrade the overall experience. Developers argue that these measures undermine the spirit of the DMA, which seeks to foster a more open and competitive digital environment.

The coalition of companies and associations is urging the European Commission to take swift and decisive action against Apple. They emphasize the importance of ensuring that the DMA delivers on its promise to promote competition and protect both developers and consumers. The response to Apple’s proposal will serve as a crucial test of the effectiveness of the DMA in fostering a fair and competitive digital landscape.

In response to the criticism, the tech giant has emphasized its commitment to user privacy and security, stating that its proposed changes aim to mitigate risks associated with the DMA. However, regulators are closely monitoring the situation, with the European Commission set to hold a compliance workshop to assess Apple’s measures.

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