Skype updated with offline file sharing with an increased size limit of 300MB

Skype has been updated to version 6.19 with changes to the way you share and download files from the instant messaging app. Offline file sharing, increased file size limit of 300MB and download facility on multiple devices round up the latest updates.

The new update enables you to share content up to 300 MB in size, with your contacts even when they are offline. Now you can share birthday videos, photos from a recent trip and any other file in a Skype conversation and they will receive it when they are online. Your contacts can also view and download the shared content during the conversation multiple times on various devices. For example, after watching a viral video which your friend shared in a Skype conversation on your iPhone or iPad, you can also download it on your Mac later.

On their official blog, the company claims that 300MB limit was set after careful scrutiny of the size of media which is commonly shared in Skype conversations. Still, the company advises that users should use OneDrive to share larger files. OneDrive is a useful platform for sharing content with your contacts as it offers many attractive features such as local file syncing, 5GB of free storage and more.

Skype updated with offline file sharing with an increased size limit of 300MB

These changes are rolling out to Skype apps on all platforms. Make sure to update it on your desktop, smartphone or tablet to get the latest file sharing benefits.

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