Smartphone Coasters Make Great Stands for your Phone

Smartphone Coasters are a simple yet very useful idea. Smartphone Coasters are stainless steel stands that support your phone, no matter which brand it is, in both vertical and horizontal positions. Rarely do phones come with kickstands so these stands come in handy when you want to use your Smartphone as a large clock or with any app that has a dashboard UI. But the best use for these stands is when you want to watch videos. These stands are way better than holding your phone in a certain position for an hour or so.

Smartphone Coasters.jpg

Smartphone Coaster Gift Pack is on sale currently and available for only $19.99. A must have accessory if you fill either of the use cases mentioned above! You can buy them from the official website.

Smartphone Coaster 1.jpg

Smartphone Coaster 2.jpg


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