Smoothboard removes the page locking in iPhone’s Springboard Pages to allow smooth scrolling

IMG_0165 Have you ever wanted to scroll from the first page to the last page of apps in the Springboard on your iPhone? You’ll have to swipe across the screen many times before you reach there. One shortcut is to use Orbit, which is kind of like Expose for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The other method is to use Smoothboard by the creator of Multifl0w, Aaron Ash. It removes the locking effect of each page, and makes the Springboard feel like on wide panoramic page full of apps.

IMG_0164With one swipe you can just reach any end of the Springboard quickly. While this can be fun, it does remove the page locking, so you have to stop at the right page yourself. The best thing about this tweak is that it’s free, so you can easily give it a shot if you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch. If you don’t like it, uninstall it. Just search Smoothboard in Cydia or Rock to install it.

You’ll have to jailbreak your device to use Cydia or Rock and install Smoothboard. Check out our guide on how to jailbreak iPhone and iPod Touch OS 3.1.2 with blackra1n.

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