Snapchat debuts ‘Dreams’ to give selfies an AI-powered makeover

In a move that promises to unlock the realm of imagination, Snapchat is has launched a groundbreaking feature, “Dreams.” The feature is a generative AI tool that enables users to transform their selfies into surreal and enchanting scenarios. Whether you’ve dreamt of becoming a majestic mermaid exploring ocean depths or a regal figure in a Renaissance court, Dreams has you covered.

Snapchat’s Dreams feature is a significant leap forward, aligning with the tech giant’s dedication to pioneering AI-powered innovations. This follows the introduction of My AI, the AI-powered chatbot that has evolved to respond with Snaps, transcending text interactions.


Snapchat’s latest “Dreams” feature creates personalized Generative AI models

To use Dreams, navigate to Memories, where a dedicated tab for this innovative feature awaits. With just a handful of your own selfies, a personalized Generative AI model will be crafted.

How to use Dreams on Snapchat

Follow the steps outline below to generate your first Dream:

  1. Swipe upwards on the Camera screen to unveil Memories.
  2. Scroll over to locate the Dreams tab.
  3. Initiate the AI Selfies onboarding flow by selecting ‘Create Dreams.’
  4. Accept the terms by tapping ‘Agree & Continue.’
  5. Engage with the AI Selfies onboarding process, which involves capturing and uploading your selfies. Indicate your completion by tapping ‘Done.’
  6. Give consent to the Dreams Terms of Use by selecting ‘Yes.’
  7. Opt for a Free Pack by tapping ‘Select a Free Pack.’
  8. Handpick a pack that resonates with you and tap ‘8 Dreams for free.’ Note that the generation of your initial Dreams pack may take roughly 20-30 minutes. 

Snapchat ensures that every user is granted the initial pack of Dreams, a captivating ensemble comprising eight alluring images, entirely free of charge. Beyond this starter set, additional packs can be procured for a fee of $1. In the near future, Dreams will evolve to accommodate not just your own persona but also those of your friends who opt-in to the AI-powered feature.

snapchat dreams

Dreams is initially accessible to users in Australia and New Zealand. However, the rollout is expected to expand significantly over the coming weeks, ultimately reaching Snapchat enthusiasts worldwide.

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