WhatsApp finally launches native macOS app

Meta’s instant messaging platform WhatsApp has finally rolled out its native macOS app. While Windows PC users have been enjoying this enhanced functionality since March, Mac users had been missing out. Now, both Windows and macOS users can enjoy a seamless WhatsApp experience within their preferred ecosystem.


WhatsApp app for macOS requires Big Sur or later and Apple Silicon Mac

The all-new Mac app is available to download for free via WhatsApp’s server. For those who prefer the Mac App Store, a bit of patience is required as WhatsApp confirms its imminent arrival.

Irrespective of the download source, this upgraded WhatsApp version comes with a slew of fresh features, many of which stem from its transition to a native macOS app. For the first time, macOS users can revel in the convenience of familiar functionalities like drag and drop.

It also allows effortless transfer of files in chats. Moreover, those with extensive chat histories will now enjoy a more expansive view of their conversations.

WhatsApp introduced its new Mac app through a concise blog post, highlighting its enhanced calling features. This includes the capability for group calls, catering to up to 8 individuals for video calls and up to 32 participants for audio calls. WhatsApp’s blog post elaborates, “Now you can join a group call after it’s started, see your call history and choose to receive incoming call notifications even when the app is closed.”


WhatsApp for macOS is protected with end-to-end encryption and cross-platform support. Particularly in a landscape where Apple’s resistance to supporting RCS on its devices remains, third-party apps are essential for communication between Android and iPhone users.

For those eager to experience WhatsApp’s new native Mac app, head to the company’s official website. However, a macOS of version 11 Big Sur or later is required, along with a Mac powered by Apple silicon. If your Mac does not meet these requirements, fear not – WhatsApp web remains a dependable alternative for staying connected.

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